1. Full name: Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT).

2. Address:

- Headquarters: VNPT Tower, 57th Huynh Thuc Khang, Lang Ha Commune, Dong Da District, Ha Noi.

- Office: 84-24 3 774 1091 – Fax: 84-24 3 774 1093

- Website: https://vnpt.com.vn.

- Email: vanphong@vnpt.vn

3. Business areas:

- Telecommunication – IT - multimedia services and products;

- Surveying, counselling, designing, installing, exploiting, maintaining, repairing, and putting telecommunication – IT facilities up for rent;

- Researching, developing, inventing, manufacturing telecommunication – IT equipment, products;

- Commercializing, distributing telecommunication – IT products and equipment;

- Services including promotions, market research, hosting telecommunication-and-IT-related conferences and exhibitions;

- Real estate business, office rental service;

- Financial service in the fields of telecommunication, IT, and multimedia.

4. Slogan: VNPT – Real life

5. Logo:

VNPT’s Logo stimulates the satellite’s round-the-globe orbit, forming the shape of the letter “V”, which is the first letter in the abbreviation VNPT. The fluidity of the shape, combined with the yin-yang language, illustrates the constant circulation of information, stability as well as the international integration regarding science and modern technology.

With a modern-age development strategy compatible with globalization trends and the constant advancement of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, VNPT has been steadily transforming from a traditional telecommunication services provider to a digital service provider (DSP), becoming a pro-active economic group with a focus on the development of creative and groundbreaking ICT services, products, and solutions so as to continue constructing real values for life and contributing to Viet Nam’s steady economic growth.

6. Mission 
Offering customers and partners high-quality, groundbreaking, and creative Telecommunication – IT – Media products, services, and Digital services.
- Becoming Asia’s Digital Hub
- Honoring and appreciating the true worth of workers.
- Becoming a pioneer in community services.

7. Vision
Becoming Viet Nam’s leading digital services provider in 2025.
- Becoming Asia’s Digital Hub in 2030.
- Becoming consumers’ first choice in the market of ICT products and services.

In the digital era, with the convergence of telecommunications, IT, Big Data and IoT, Following the development strategy VNPT4.0, VNPT has been transforming itself from a traditional service provider into a "digital service provider" (DSP). VNPT's vision is to become the leading provider of digital services in Vietnam by 2025 and a Digital hub of Asia by 2030.

VNPT upholds the mission of being a leading and innovative provider of telecom, ICT and digital products and services; becoming a digital hub of Asia; honoring and highly valuing the workforce.

VNPT will focus on developing three main product and service portfolios:
- Telecommunications services
- Digital services for enterprise and consumer customers.
- Other products and services: ICT manufacturing products, consultancy, designing and construction services in ICT sector.
Becoming a key Vietnamese digital technology enterprise in national digital transformation, VNPT focuses on providing digital services in Vietnam. It’s digital infrastructure is the foundation of national digital transformation. VNPT plays the role of a pioneer in the research and development of digital technologies, provides a digital ecosystem for all activities of socio-economic life on the basis of its strengths in digital platforms, core technologies and cyber security.

VNPT has 4 corporations (VNPT-Vinaphone sells products & services of VNPT, VNPT-Net is the operator of VNPT network, VNPT-Media provides digital content & ICT services and VNPT – IT provides IT solutions)
Besides, We have VNPT Technology that supplies industrial & factory technology products, VNPT’s member units as VinaOFC, CTIN, POSTEF…) and 63 VNPT Provincies & Cities.

Developed under the strategy VNPT 4.0, VNPT is building a solid foundation of infrastructure and human resources to provide high quality services to 34.8 million mobile subscribers; 6.2 million fixed subscribers and enterprise customers including state and government agencies, local authorities and partners.

VNPT establishes and deploys national digital infrastructure by providing broadband internet to 100% communes, expanding fixed broadband network FTTx to 10 million subscribers, expanding VNPT's 4G coverage to 98% of the population, deploying 5G network to 85% of the population by 2025. Broaden the range and capacity for over 60 million IoT and 5G connections by 2025, and reach over 100 million connections by 2030. Develop the VNPT's cloud computing ecosystem becoming a core brand for domestic and regional cloud computing services. By 2025, VNPT will be the No. 1 cloud computing service provider for the Government/government sector; and the leading multi-platform provider in Vietnam.

VNPT owns a state-of-the-art and nationwide-coverage telecommunication infrastructure including terrestrial and marine optical fiber cable networks, VINASAT 1 & 2 satellites, connecting directly to more than 240 countries all over the world. Such infrastructure enables VNPT to meet the highest requirements for information security of the nation as well as the diverse needs of customers ... VNPT is maintaining cooperation relationships with more than 200 telecommunications and ICT partners all over the world.

Affirming the prestige and position of VNPT by promoting and supporting the Government, ministries, sectors and localities to develop e-Government towards digital government and digital economy.
Accelerating the development of digital platforms and digital service ecosystems with a data-driven business model to strongly promote digital transformation for VNPT itself and for corporate customers, accumulating resources and technology application to generate economic values. Digital transformation of key economic sectors to make contribution to digital economic growth: Focusing on economic development in the Health, Education and Agriculture sectors to comprehensively serve the needs of the Government, Organizations, Enterprises and people through a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services, renovating approaches and business models.

With a good strategy and proper development steps, currently, VNPT is the second most valuable brand in Vietnam, awarded by Brand Finance and Forbes and in the top 150 of the world's most valuable brand name carriers.

Toward the era of VNPT4.0, VNPT has always kept changing and perfecting itself to make contribution to the development of a developed, civilized and connected society.

VNPT- Real life