15:33 |04/02/2021

14.6 million VNPT subscribers use IPv6

At the Conference on summarizing the work of IPv6 and announcing the IPv6 For Gov Program period 2021 - 2025 which took place recently in Hanoi, Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) was honored to receive the certificate of merit as an outstanding enterprise that launch IPv6 by Ministry of Information and Communications. Up to this point, the IPv6 utilization rate of VNPT has reached 44%.

After efforts and activities in the right direction, Vietnam has excellent results in IPv6 application. Vietnam's Internet network is transformed to a new generation using IPv6, operating stably; IPv6 services are widely provided to users (including services of enterprises, public services of state agencies), contributing to ensuring that Vietnam's Internet activities catch up with new technology trends.

According to statistics from the Working Party to promote the development of the national IPv6, by December 2020, Vietnam had 34 million IPv6 users with the rate of using IPv6 on Vietnam's Internet reached 46% (1.7 times global average). Vietnam ranks 2nd in ASEAN region, 4th in Asia and 10th globally, affirming its position in the region and internationally. VNPT Group currently has 4.6 million FTTH subscribers, 10 million mobile subscribers using IPv6 with the IPv6 rate of 44%. With the strength in infrastructure and services, VNPT Group is also ready to deploy IPv6 for E-Government infrastructure, E-Health ...

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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