16:39 |08/09/2021


Gold Award IT World Awards 2021: Restaurant Management Software eZozo of the 4.0 era!

As one of four new technology solutions of VNPT to win the Golden award at IT World Awards 2021, eZozo (Restaurant Management Software Service) was honored in the category of technology solutions for hotels and tourism thanks to its outstanding achievements. optimal features and utilities for the food service industry...

Given the greatest possible resources, eZozo was invented with the mission of becoming an optimal management software solution for the food and beverage service industry. The software is built for the management of restaurants, brands, restaurants, cafes, ... which not only meet the requirements from managers in controlling sales activities, employees, and revenue but also create a completely new and modern service style to bring the best service quality to customers.

Deploying and using eZozo Restaurant Management software is also quite easy. eZozo is upgraded to be convenient, easy to use, meet a large number of downloads, and at the same time ensure information safety and security with high accuracy; has a powerful and flexible decentralized function, making it easy to manage, operate and exploit.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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