16:35 |22/06/2022


IOC – a solution to connect Government and cities in Vietnam

Not only playing a core role in building a smart city, Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) is the achievement of the most complete digital transformation process to change all important areas of life. live and bring practical meaningful values ​​to individuals as well as organizations.

Therefore, VNPT always invests its resources, researches and develops IOCs to promote their full performance and capacity. Being well aware that all data are valid only when they are connected between levels, VNPT has built an IOC system not only for localities but also for the government and ministries, departments and branches, in order to create an IOC system which can become the most comprehensive connection system between the Government and localities.

So far, the IOC System has been deployed by VNPT Group from the government level and this IOC is connected with the IOC of many ministries and agencies as well as with the IOC of 43 provinces/cities.

Currently, VNPT is deploying and soon putting into operation IOCs in 12 provinces/cities, bringing the total number of deployed IOCs in provinces/cities to 55. VNPT expects to deploy this system for all provinces/cities to create a nationwide connection system.

VNPT Group hopes that if the IOC system is implemented synchronously for all provinces/cities, it will help solve inherent problems in urban areas, contributing to making Vietnam a leading country in the field of digital transformation and smart city building.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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