15:29 |19/07/2021


National population database, the nation's most successful digital transformation project

The national database on population, the nation's most important project, completed quickly by VNPT in 500 days, will officially operate from July 1, 2021. Up to this point, the National Database of Population is confirmed as one of the most successful digital transformation projects in the country.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, in the past, when people made almost every transaction such as opening a bank account, securities or performing public services, they often had to come in person and carry a lot of papers to prove their identity in order that the service can be performed. This is both inconvenient and time-consuming and faces many risks and inadequacies such as the possibility of forgery, lost documents, low information security. Meanwhile, the system of electronic identification and authentication (IDP) of the Ministry of Public Security was born to give each citizen a legal electronic identity, easier and more convenient in transactions. More simply, when having a digital identity account on the identity verification system of the Ministry of Public Security, people can perform all public services integrated on the National Service Portal and electronic transactions such as opening bank accounts, securities, sign electronic contracts online anytime, anywhere without having to present other identity documents with high accuracy, absolute security, saving time, cost.

In addition to economic benefits, digital citizenship also helps reduce social inequality, creating conditions for all classes of people to access socio-economic services in the digital environment. With that special meaning, the electronic identification and authentication system is an indispensable core component in the digital transformation process of developed countries around the world. The leading countries in the world, in terms of digital government, have invested a lot of resources to build identification and authentication systems in the digital environment for their people because of the great socio-economic benefits that the platform brings.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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