16:35 |13/09/2021


VNPT BioID - An important foundation of the national digital transformation

Identification management platform and biometric authentication - VNPT BioID is researched and developed by a team of engineers of VNPT Group. Although newly launched and introduced to customers from May 2020, it has received a lot of attention.

Up to now, the platform has officially been provided to 5 major customers in the fields of banking, e-wallets, stock, hotels, and businesses. In addition, the product has been introduced and tested for many customers in the banking sector, financial companies, stock, insurance, airlines, hotels...

With the results achieved, it is solid confirmation that VNPT BioID is on the right track to be accepted by the market and customers, and is an important foundation in the country's digital transformation. Since the platform for background management and biometric authentication is indispensable to the process of digitalization and an important component to successfully build a digital economy, digital society, digital transaction.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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