16:09 |01/12/2021


VNPT enters the Top 50 most profitable businesses in Vietnam

Continuing to recognize business representatives who not only demonstrate superiority in financial and communication strength, but also demonstrate growth potential, sustainable development, quality of management and position in the market, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) has just honored the Top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam. Accordingly, VNPT Group ranks 19th out of 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2021 and 2nd place among 20 telecommunications and IT enterprises.

The outbreak of the fourth epidemic in a complicated direction has changed all forecasts and is a difficult "test" for the country's economy and for Vietnamese businesses. Businesses have to face many difficulties due to the epidemic and must make efforts to restore production and business, as well as bring the economy back to its recovery momentum.

However, in that particularly difficult context, VNPT has had very specific plans and strategies to both ensure production and business activities as well as stand side by side with the Government in epidemic prevention, ensuring safety and stable income levels for employees and is determined to maintain a pioneering position in national digital transformation. VNPT has set its heart out on ensuring profits and moreover sustainable profits based on strong internal capacity and flexibility to adapt to the market.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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