16:55 |22/06/2022


VNPT Money stirs up the atmosphere at Cashless Fair 2022 for workers

On the morning of June 12th, 2022, the first Cashless Fair for workers was opened at Linh Trung 1 Export Processing Zone, Thu Duc district, Thu Duc city as the beginning of a series of events for 2022’s Cashless Fair. Here, VNPT Money has stirred the atmosphere and attracted participants with a variety of practical activities that contribute to raising awareness about cashless payment and offer customers a package of discounts that is worth a total of 6 billion dong.

With the theme “Cashless fair, conveniences within reach”, cashless market sessions at Linh Trung 1 Export Processing Zone recreated the signature image of a normal fair in the mind of Vietnamese people but with a novel spirit in the form of impressive innovations and conveniences that a cashless society can offer.

Accompanying 2022’s Cashless Day, VNPT Money hopes to contribute to spreading the spirit and the message of “Conveniences within reach” of cashless payment to citizens, thereby gauging attention and changing the public’s habits towards a truly moneyless society that is accessible for all demographics from all corners of the nation.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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