16:10 |10/05/2021

Detecting network attacks using VNPT Information Security Surveillance service

In recent years, the world has witnessed a lot of hacker attacks on important information systems with the highest levels of protection such as the US National Security Agency, Iran's Uranium enrichment plant or Vietnam's national airport.

Currently, the protective trend is shifting to supervision. Instead of focusing on investing in solutions so that bad guys cannot penetrate the system, units and organizations will invest in information security monitoring solutions. As soon as bad guys penetrate into the unit's network, surveillance solutions will detect, alert and promptly repel the attacks out of the unit's information system.

Information security monitoring service VNPT implements 24/7 monitoring of the entire organization's system, thereby detecting and warning in real time for attacks and unusual behaviors. Using the VNPT Information Security Monitoring service helps organizations and enterprises improve their understanding and comprehensively evaluate the information security threats they are facing. Along with that, information security monitoring helps detect attacks on digital space in time, thereby providing timely solutions, avoiding unnecessary losses.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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