15:30 |19/12/2022


Electronic school records - a comprehensive digitization solution for Education

As an application in the smart education ecosystem vnEdu 4.0, the electronic school records solution was built by VNPT to meet the needs of comprehensive digitization of school records through digital signatures and seals. The VNPT's solution integrates modern digital signing methods such as VNPT SmartCA remote digital signing, helping schools and teachers sign school records quickly and easily. Just press the sign button, the software will automatically align and select the appropriate signing location to create a digitally signed school file instead of having to spend time calculating and choosing the signature location.

The addition of an electronic school record platform to the vnEdu education ecosystem brings many benefits to schools, teachers, management agencies, and parents and students. The first benefit is to help teachers save time, reduce pressure from paper document work, and easily sign school records anytime, anywhere through a modern digital signing form like VNPT SmartCA.

The school also receives many benefits in management, saving time, reducing printing costs, managing documents, convenient storage and preservation, and increasing professionalism. In particular, the software allows to check and monitor the correction of teachers' grades, ensure fairness and transparency in education, and avoid negative assessments and scores. At the high school level, electronic school records also help universities and colleges to be more confident and bold when choosing their students basing on electronic school records.

For parents and students, using electronic school records will help them look up students' learning results easily, thereby monitoring their children's learning progress.

Looking further, the implementation of vnEdu's electronic school records will help the Departments/Departments of Education and Training across the country easily manage through reports, statistics, etc., thereby contributing to strongly promoting the digital transformation for the whole Education sector.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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