15:21 |26/03/2021


Information security management platform VNPT MSS launched

Considered as the immune system in digital space, the Information Security Management platform - VNPT MSS is researched and built by VNPT Group in collaboration with IBM. This is the latest set of services developed by VNPT to ensure information security for businesses and organizations.

Realizing the urgent need of businesses and organizations in the field of information security and data security, Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) cooperates with the leading multinational computer technology corporation - IBM to research and build VNPT MSS - Immune system in digital space.

VNPT MSS (VNPT Managed Security Service) is an information security monitoring and management platform supporting businesses and organizations to promptly detect, process and respond to information insecurity risks from both inside and outside. The presence of VNPT MSS will help protect assets, intelligence, profits as well as brand value of businesses and organizations in a simple, effective and economical way.

Currently, VNPT MSS provides 4 services for businesses including: Security Monitoring; Incident Response; Forensic and Threats Hunting.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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