16:21 |23/11/2023


VNPT and Hai Duong Provincial Post Office sign cooperation agreement

With the goal of strengthening the long-standing close relationship to cooperate, build and expand sales networks, develop together, and bring stable income to workers of both sides, VNPT and Hai Duong Provincial Post Office have recently held a cooperation agreement signing ceremony.

VNPT is one of the leading enterprises providing telecommunications and information technology services in the area, with advantages in network, technology infrastructure, diverse products and services, and modern facilities which meet customer needs well. Hai Duong Provincial Post Office is a unit which has good reputation, full capacity and an advantage of a widespread sales network, serving the needs of the masses. Both units have well-trained workforces and a large number of customers, which is a premise for cooperation between the two sides.

The contents of the cooperation agreement clearly state that Hai Duong Provincial Post Office agrees to provide customer development services on the basis of introducing and consulting on telecommunications and information technology products and services provided by VNPT. Hopefully, the cooperation between VNPT and Hai Duong Provincial Post Office will contribute to promoting production and business activities while creating more favorable conditions in sales and customer care, working together to develop production and business, communication and customer search, best exploiting the strengths of each party for sustainable development together.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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