16:32 |09/06/2023


VNPT and Lai Chau Department of Education and Training honor outstanding students

Recently, VNPT has sponsored 150 million VND to Lai Chau Department of Education and Training to honor outstanding students in the school year 2022-2023.

Under the cooperation agreement No. 1268/TTHT-SGD-VNPT, signed on September 10, 218, VNPT commits to continue accompanying the education sector in the digital transformation. This funding will be used to improve the quality of education, provide modern facilities and support innovative educational activities in Lai Chau.

At the same time, commending and rewarding outstanding students is a valuable recognition for their outstanding dedication and achievements in the past school year. This motivates and encourages Lai Chau students to continue their efforts in their learning and personal development journey.

VNPT hopes that its sponsorship and recognition will contribute to promoting digital transformation in the education industry, bringing a modern learning environment and sustainable development to Lai Chau students. Together with the Department of Education and Training of Lai Chau province, VNPT will continue to accompany and support in building an education industry that responds to technology trends and prepares students for the future.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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