16:51 |10/05/2024


VNPT deploys remote medical examination and treatment in Dak Lak

Recently, Ea Kar District Medical Center coordinated with VNPT to organize a cooperation ceremony to deploy the VN Care application - Remote medical examination and treatment registration; and VNPT Money - cashless payment application for health workers in Ea Kar district.

Applying the VnCare remote consultation and scheduling system at medical facilities brings convenience to users. This will be the premise for building smart healthcare, meeting the development needs of people and society, especially in the 4.0 era.

VnCare is a common platform, built and deployed by VNPT Group to help people easily access medical services, including: scheduling services, online consulting services, health care history lookup services.... Through the VnCare application, people can access health care services quickly. This is a solution to support people in taking care of the health of themselves and their loved ones with the above mentioned superior features. At the same time, the application helps optimize operational processes, serve good patient management, and enhance the ability to grasp problems and operational efficiency of the public health care system.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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