17:11 |11/10/2021


VNPT eContract: Multifunctional electronic contract for smart city

The emergence of electronic contracts has brought about a new wave with undeniable conveniences to users. Especially during the current Covid-19 epidemic, users can easily use and sign contracts quickly without having to make direct contact. Early grasping this trend, VNPT has researched, built and provided groundbreaking solutions and tools: VNPT eContract.

VNPT eContract is a platform providing electronic contract solutions, allowing parties to integrate various types of contracts by electronic means. VNPT eContract helps businesses and people significantly reduce the cost and time for transaction, initiation, negotiation, signing as well as storage management and contracts hunting, more easily contact with customers and expand business to domestic and international markets.

With VNPT eContract, users can completely eliminate the use of paper. Because the parties involved in the contract have had a convenient tool to create, negotiate, sign, store, search, and look up contracts using a convenient IT application. Travel costs to meet face-to-face contracts are also significantly reduced, limiting disease transmission during the time when the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading around the world.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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