16:24 |12/05/2021

VNPT Hanoi strives to keep the front lines safe against COVID-19

In the situation of Covid-19 epidemic spread at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2, the IT engineers of VNPT Hanoi provided direct and onsite support, ensuring stable system operation and timely support doctors and hospital staff in all situations ...

In recent days, news of COVID-19 epidemic appeared and spread rapidly in the area of 2 Central Tropical Hospital in Kim Chung - Dong Anh - TP. Hanoi and Tan Trieu K Hospital is a matter of interest. In that situation, information technology engineers of VNPT Hanoi work at the Central Tropical Hospital facility 1 in the project have provided information technology, medical examination and treatment services at the hospital.

VNPT Hanoi technician team working here has the task of providing direct and onsite support, always ensuring the stable operation system, timely supporting doctors, doctors and hospital staff in all areas. situations. The software system VNPT is providing to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases currently has many features, not only including the hospital information system but also connected with information from medical equipment such as: Test machines, radiographic projectors, imaging diagnostics, facilitate hospital data management and patient treatment.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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