16:50 |18/10/2021


VNPT - TOP 10 Vietnamese Strong Brands in 2020-2021

Honored to be in the TOP 10 strongest Vietnamese brands 2020-2021, during the meeting of the  President of the National Assembly and the Business Delegation at the "Forum of business leaders and honoring strong brands", VNPT leaders affirmed: To overcome the particularly difficult period of the COVID-19 epidemic, right from the beginning of 2021, VNPT Group has taken specific actions such as focusing on essential digital services to support businesses to operate during social distancing; improve the quality, double the capacity of service packages at the same price; Transforming business methods into a digital environment…

At the same time, VNPT also promotes cooperation with customers who are enterprises, corporations, banks, associations... and will continue to sign comprehensive cooperation agreements with the People's Committees of provinces and cities across the country on digital transformation. In particular, VNPT has been drastic and flexible in operating production and business activities according to market developments and needs.

As a result, the 9-month revenue and profit results of VNPT Group still achieved growth over the same period, and compared to the general level of enterprises in the field of telecommunications and IT, VNPT still ensures stable income for employees equal to the same period in 2020.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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