16:46 |25/06/2024


SMS Brandname: Information security and reputation protection in the context of increasing brand impersonation

VNPT's SMS Brandname (brand message service) is a comprehensive solution that helps brands increase recognition and effectively care for customers.

Recently, the State Bank issued Decision 2345/QD-NHNN, according to which from July 1st, 2024, transactions worth over 10 million VND will have to be authenticated by biometrics. Risks can still occur when customers' biometric data can be hacked, leading to property appropriation fraud and identity fraud on social networks. For transactions worth under 10 million, authentication is performed using OTP code through the SMS Brandname service of the network operators.

Complying with the State's regulations, VNPT's SMS Brandname service has affirmed its outstanding and reputable level of information security, evidenced by the fact that there has never been any information leak from the service’s messages. SMS Brandname not only helps businesses effectively deal with bad actors, but it is also an effective solution to enhancing brand recognition and reputation, thereby building customers’ trust and loyalty.

VNPT's SMS Brandname is not only a brand message service but also a solution to help businesses comply with legal regulations and enhance brand reputation. In the context of increasing scams, when each message can bring opportunities and also potential risks, choosing a reliable service like SMS Brandname is a smart decision, ensuring that information is communicated with security and accuracy.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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