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Fire prevention and fighting with VNPT iAlert

VNPT Group has researched and deployed the VNPT iAlert fire warning communication platform applying 4.0 technology to help fire police, businesses and individuals use it conveniently on multiple platforms to prevent and fight against fires safely. With a terminal integrated into the customer's existing fire protection system, VNPT iAlert not only sends and receives warning messages in the fastest way but also provides online software to monitor and manage equipment on various website and smartphone platforms.

VNPT iAlert has many superior features such as: storing alarm log data, compatible connection with all types of fire protection equipment cabinets, instant information transmission to customers and fire prevention forces, automatic warnings through many channels such as text messages, direct calls or mobile applications... Customers can manage and schedule periodic inspections as well as remotely monitor the operating status of fire protection equipment through the online interface or mobile application in order to ensure the ability to transmit information immediately so that fires can be quickly extinguished and people are provided with useful information to support fire prevention and rescue work.

In fact, the survey results of customer groups of apartment buildings, universities... in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Nam, Bac Ninh, and Binh Duong who have installed the VNPT iAlert system show that the solution has brought many extremely practical benefits, helping establishments receive fire alarm information as early as possible and be proactive in monitoring fire prevention and fighting - also ensuring assets for businesses, safety for employees, customers and residents. The reliability of the VNPT iAlert system helps create confidence for employees, building trust with customers and partners in business transactions. Besides, the system also provides good support for users in managing fire prevention activities at facilities in the chain, from building diagrams, surveillance camera networks, equipped fire protection equipment... This is tremendously meaningful to the support and rescue work when there are emergency incidents.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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