16:16 |05/12/2023


To build a smart city, data plays an extremely important role!

As one of the major enterprises in building and developing smart city construction solutions in Vietnam, attending the Vietnam - Asia Smart City Summit 2023 event, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) introduced not only smart city solutions but also digital ecosystems including AI, VNPT IOT Guard, VNPT IOC and Cloud Ecosystem.

With the theme: "Data mining - Building sustainably developing and smart cities”, the Vietnam - Asia Smart City Summit 2023 took place from November 29th-30th, 2023 attracted the participation of more than 80 speakers, experts, and more than 1,000 delegates who were leaders and managers from 11 economies, ministries/sectors, and technology enterprises in the country as well as in the world..

Sharing at the Vietnam - Asia Smart City Summit 2023, the message emphasized by the representative of VNPT Group was that data played an extremely important role in the process of building a smart city.

According to a representative from VNPT, urban database management in Vietnam currently has many limitations and is at a fairly primitive level. Distributed data, manual updates are costly and resource-consuming. Data is inconsistent and unreliable..., All this leads to the lack of connection between urban technical infrastructure and ICT infrastructure for management and providing amenities for urban residents. Along with that, to be able to grasp new opportunities and reshape local competitive advantages through exploiting data resources, the Government needs to demonstrate its role in leading and orienting all people and businesses to join hands together to build and develop valuable data.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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