10:12 |12/12/2023


VNPT builds AI Assistants to create a Smart City

At the Workshop "AI in building smart, sustainable cities" at Vietnam - Asia Smart City Summit 2023, Dr. Le Anh Van - a representative of VNPT shared the leading technology group's strategy in creating thousands of specialized AI Assistants for each industry and specializing in each task to improve operational efficiency of smart cities in Vietnam.

Dr. Le Anh Van said that VNPT had developed the VNPT SmartBot Customer Care AI Assistant since 2019 and applied it to many fields such as Culture - Society, Health, Education, Finance - Banking, Real Estate Products, Tourism, Restaurants, Hotels, E-commerce.

VNPT SmartBot demonstrates its superiority because it can provide accurate information in a short time. For that reason, VNPT has applied a large language model so that VNPT's AI Assistant can determine the context that the user is referring to to give answers instead of being rigidly framed according to available scenarios.

VNPT SmartBot Customer Care AI Assistant belongs to VNPT AI - The new generation AI Assistant ecosystem that VNPT is developing. Besides, VNPT AI also has a series of other outstanding AI Assistants such as VNPT eKYC Electronic Identification and Authentication AI Assistant, vnSocial Listening and Monitoring AI Assistant for social networks, VNPT Image Recognition - AI Assistant SmartVision,...

As an leading enterprise that masters "Make in Vietnam" technology with an international vision, VNPT will create thousands of other specialized AI Assistants to meet the growth rate of the smart city market as well as meet internal needs of people, organizations and businesses.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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