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Where hospitals are paperless

At Phuc Yen General Hospital, Vinh Phuc province, patients do not need to wait in line to get numbers, and when returning to the examination, they do not need to bring medical records and papers, doctors do not carry thick medical records in their hands to look up. This is the effectiveness of the electronic medical record solution that the hospital is implementing, provided by VNPT Group.

Phuc Yen General Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Vinh Phuc to deploy the Electronic Medical Record Application (VNPT EMR), which is approved by the Ministry of Healthcare from December 31st, 2023. From that point, the hospital has been using and storing electronic patient records instead of paper ones, storing and circulating medica images instead of printing paper ones.

Thanks to electronic medical records, medical staff do not have to use paper medical records, reducing the time spent writing procedures on paper records. Doctors quickly grasp information about patients and professional information exchanged between departments and rooms, giving the consultation and treatment increased efficiency. In particular, when there are difficult cases, based on electronic medical record software, doctors can focus on face-to-face or remote consultation, helping to better the effectiveness of patient treatment.

The solution brings a lot of convenience to patients. Medical examination registration procedures, all operations are guided through machines, making the purchase of examination books unnecessary and allowing information to be easily looked up and updated via the phone App, thereby shortening the waiting time for medical examination and treatment, increasing the efficiency of treatment.

Source: vnpt.com.vn

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